Monday, July 2, 2012

Paula Deen's Weight Loss - Finally Showing That Southern Cooking Can Be Healthy

I wrote a blog a few months ago after Paula Deen's announcement, complaining that she did not do what she was supposed to 3 years ago and come clean about her diabetes.  My rub was more that she did not have a changed lifestyle and show it through her cooking show.  In the recent article in People Magazine, Deen admitted that she has lost over 30 lbs by following a few changes in her diet.  Now, she does not melt sticks of butter, create fried frenzy chicken and add heavy desserts to her meals anymore.  She instead cut back on the fried chicken to once a month, eats fresh vegetables, and now eats breakfast. 

It is nice to see that she is making progress with something she has been battling with for while, and that she is not sacrificing the Southern flavor in her food.  I am hoping that this is a trend and a new South will heed to less fried chicken and desserts and more of the Southern farmer's produce as the way to lose and maintain weight loss.  Now, if we can get the South of the statistics for being the most obese, then we are making progress!

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