Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Post Marathon Blues

It has been over 2 months since I completed the NYC marathon to celebrate my 40th birthday. There has also been my birthday, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Christmas and another child's birtday within this span of time, so I have been busy doing lots of things, besides thinking of the possible next step.

So, for my birthday, to keep my running in check so I won't stop running, I had my husband to sign me up for the Rock n Roll Half in DC. Was under the Suntrust Marathon/Half name, but now is an offical Rock n Roll type of run. Filled with bands and spirit of the crowds, it is one I am looking forward to, but nothing can live down the NYC experience. I think I am still "high" from that experience, thinking of all of the 26.2 miles of it, the crowds, the noise, the thrill of actually being in NYC. I don't know how I will relive that experience.

My half marathon training started the day after Christmas, so I have been struggling to get back to routine, though I ran like only 3 times a week post race under 3 miles each time, due to me trying to recoup a pinched nerve in my neck. I am slowly getting back to "longer" miles, into 5 and 6 mile runs. I did a 4 miler a couple of weeks ago, a New Year's Eve run, and my time was not at it's best, but I did it at night.

Trying to get back to any kind of training after enduring a wonderful experience has its small dose of "blues" with it. I know I can't relive the NYC experience, but I can try my best to keep doing what I have been doing. I found this "blues" feeling is common after a marathon. Coach Joe English's blog talks about this and steps to over come it.

Now that Marathon Baby was born, for the second time, I am ready for another. But like I said from the last time, I don't want another child right away.

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