Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lighten Up, Paula! - a thought of a new blog and a new way of life

It was not a big shocker to learn this week that Food Network, butter fryer cooker extraordinaire Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes. Traditional Southern cooking has something to do with it in my opinion. But what makes it worse is 1) she has known about it for 3 years and still continues her cooking style 2) she is promoting an insulin drug.

Okay. Every doctor, at least to my knowledge whether you live in the South or off in Timbuktu, says that you need to control your sugar levels, first and fore most, with dietary changes. If you still battle with high insulin levels, even when you change your eating habits, you have the last resort of taking insulin shots. Now, I am not battling insulin as a drug. I am sure anyone who has diabetes would tell you that pricking their finger is not top on of their list of favorite things to do on a daily basis. However, using the message of an insulin drug as the "cure" for your cooking is just wrong.

With Southern obesity levels as high as it is, (Mississippi was the fattest state in 2011 and Birmingham, Alabama was the fattest city in 2011) why has Paula not changed her ways in the public life and beat this epidemic? I know Southern cooking is her gimmick, I get that, but why contribute to ill health of others with a knife and fork of frying and butter inducing your meals? Southern cooking is rich with other vegetables, leans meats and wonderful flavors that have lighter options. Brennan's in New Orleans has brought out "Sugar Buster" recipes and promote this life style with a Southern flare. Also, "Cooking Light" magazine based out of Birmingham has been promoting healthy lifestyle for years. So, it is not totally impossible to create lighter versions of Southern favorites.

I have been thinking about this for months, even before her announcement of having diabetes, about starting a blog of creating lighter versions of Paula's recipes. Time and kitchen testing with need to be invested, but I think the world needs it right now because Paula is definitely not doing it. Creating a healthy family is essential and making something healthier for a better quality of life is always a good thing. Hey Y'all, Let's Start Cookin'!

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