Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally, she can swim!!!

I took my oldest to her first swim lesson when she was 6 months old. Yes, we started her young, and we did expect some long term results immediately. Maybe I watched too many of those videos where the babies start swimming by the time they are one, and diving into depths of 4 feet, but I was thinking we were doing the right thing. Well the results were long coming. We enrolled her in the toddler swim class the following year and then the preschooler a couple of years after that. She has a strengthened fear of the water, especially in her preschooler class. I remember having to leave one class early because of her screaming.

But finally, 6 years till we first introduced her the waters of a pool, she can finally swim on her own. She took an American Red Cross beginning swim early this past spring. She failed it miserably. However, with my constant awareness of bringing her to a pool and keeping up with her extracurricular swimming, not just the swimming for classes, she began to learn how to tread water on her own. We are so proud. It was a long time coming, but we are proud that she pursued it!

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NoVA Dad said...

I'm so excited for her, too - it's a big accomplishment for her, and by and large she did it on her own:-)