Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trying to teach the meaning of Christmas to a 5 year old

I know that Jesus said that we should come to Him as children, letting down our guard in trusting Him, but sometimes we don't realize how self centered children can be. When I was trying to make plans for a special outing with my 5 year-old to Target so we could shop for her little sister and father. Well, we did not end up going because she insisted that she was entitled to a gift. I was trying to explain to her that Christmas is not about getting things but about giving. Needless to say we never made it to Target because I did not want to encounter a 5 year old fit in the middle of the toy aisle.

How can you teach a 5 year old that being selfish is not the meaning of the season? I want her to see that giving something from you can bring joy to others. I am not talking about toys that she may like, but buying something that other people like. I try to instill this in my child but it is a challenge. I think this year with 10% unemployment and the downturn of the economy, many people are not consuming as much, and relying on hand made gifts, and not things bought entirely in a store. I think the Charlie Brown Christmas is the heart of the issue, "Oh no, my dog has gone commercial" and trying to find the real meaning of Christmas. I don't think my daughter fully understands what is going on the Charlie Brown Christmas, but it resignates more with adults.I hope one day she will understand.

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