Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Training for a Marathon equals Child Birth??

For the past 4 months, I have been indulging my Saturdays with group meetings for long runs with Team in Training. Not just because I want to raise funds for a cause, but because I want to accomplish a feat of completing a marathon. I have 26.2 of road ahead of me, and every little mile of practice (up to 30 miles a week) is part my training. Though the mechanics of running have improved over these past 4 months, I must admit I was not aware of other factors that would have entered in, such as my appetite increasing to the size of a nursing mother.

When I was pregnant with my two daughters, I had thought it was great to eat a little extra because I was "eating for two." Now with marathon training, I was thinking my little extra eating would eventually burn off because of all the miles I was running. Finishing my long miles with bagels, bananas and gatorade is pretty much a staple Then I go for a burger and fries because I felt like I could eat a house. Unfortunately, I have gained about 8 pounds, most of it just recently after my 20 miler. I think about half of that weight is the added water needed for me to survive the marathon. Other half could be the added muscle my body had gained during the training. Though my clothes don't feel tighter, they sure don't feel looser! And I thought training for a marathon would help me lose weight!

I do feel like this training is just like waiting for a child to be born. You prepare as much as you can then race day comes, 4 hours plus of it, then it is over once it has been accomplished. Then your body has to recover then go back to normal. In all honesty, it is one of those things I want to get over!

My fundraising page with Team in Training is like my weekly journal of my training. Please feel free to see it and thinking about making a contribution to this wonderful cause of fighting blood cancers.

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Judy said...

I am still amazed that you have accomplished so much and am very proud of you for persevering. Eating the extra food is probably what your body needs :) Your heart must be much stronger with your training. I pray for your continued strength and for your physical heart as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual heart. The blessing and love of the Lord be with you!