Friday, August 7, 2009

Resting - but I feel so restless!

Last weekend, in my training for a marathon, I had an injury in my foot due to running on an uneven course. I could not walk without being in pain, and my training took a backseat during this recovery. According to my Team in Training schedule, I was supposed to put in a 50 minute run on Sunday, a 60 minute on Tuesday and another 40 on Thursday. So far, this week, I was able to get in about a 20 minute swim on Sunday and a painful 30 minute run on Wednesday. I feel like I could more. I am conditioned to do other things like bike, but I have been occupying my time doing other things right now. After all, I did have a new Kindergartener start school this week, and adjust the family to a new schdule of events.

Though I am doing the right things in letting this injury heel, I just want things to get back to normal and put in my time like I wished I could this week. I realized, after Wednesday, how much I wanted this, and how much I wanted to continue with my goal in completeing a marathon. I have found myself eating more of the unnecessary things like cookies and sweets during my down time, which not good for anyone, even though I think I am a mighty athlete and can burn it right off (which has not been the case this week).

Anyway, at least I am relaxing a bit and enjoying my Kindergartener grow and my youngest adapt to not having her big sister around. So there could be some benefit to not running around right now.

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