Sunday, July 26, 2009

Virtual Assistants - something Moms and Dads can do

One of the things we all as parents want at the end of the day is more time. Most of us on an average day get up, drive in our cars, go to work our 8 to 5 and drive home, fix dinner get the kids ready for bed, and BAM it is 9 pm! I think if most of us had a choice, we want more flexiblity with our work/personal time. Once such career that can offer that is being a virtual assistant.

A typical work day would be get up in the morning, get your morning coffee, take the kids to school, come back home, drink more coffee, turn your computer, and you are at work. Making phone calls, writing memos, research marketing ideas, web surfing for addresses and phone numbers, do legal research, come up with some spreadsheets, write an article and even write a book. These are just a few things virtual assistants can do, all in their homes.

I am researching on doing this same type of activity on my own. I am scoping out websites like and, looking for projects that could be interesting to me. How about working 5 hours a week just doing some web site research for government forms and putting your findings on a spreadsheet? How about writing a blog for someone, or writing an article for a mazagine. And for something more challenging, how about testing products for a cosmetic company. All of these kind of jobs can be found on a virtual basis.

Of course, once you jump into doing project jobs, you first of all, keep up the hours and try to find work week in and week out. After all, you have to still earn money even after one project is over. Second, you are now a sole proprietor and do this work on your own. Being a sole proprietor means paying self-employment tax, keeping financial records like receipts and invoices. Third, you might think about forming a company and operate under that name when dealing with clients. That can be a project in itself in finding out about which business structure is best for you.

So, being flexible with work and personal time is a big motivator for me to look into possible venture. Even if I have a full-time or part-time job, this would be an excellent way to earn some extra money, and possibly fund my children's education. If you happen to have a virtual assistant job, I welcome your experiences working as one, and if there are any pitfalls one needs to be aware.

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bob said...

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