Monday, June 1, 2009

How come healthy foods are not more widely available?

I remember a few years ago that I wrote to Pillsbury and asked why they don't have whole wheat or whole grain varieties of their biscuits, rolls, pizza crust and even cookies. Whole grain is supposed to be the healthy option, right? And would it not be in their best interest of Pillsbury to better the lives of their customers colons by adding the needed fiber in their diets? Of course, who cannot resist those Grand cinnamon rolls or a flaky criossant. But if I want an unbleached version, shouldn't it be widely available?

This was just one of the issues I have with the mass-run companies that don't modify their products for the health of the consumer. McDonald's does not have whole wheat bread, neither does BK. Better yet, they don't even serve sirlon burgers, or fat free mayonaisse or how about those sweet potato BAKED fries! I know grease is what makes these places big on the list of appetizing places to eat, but for the sake of people's health, the baked version of the fries should be the norn, not the deep-calories fat invested ones. And a whole wheat bun should be topping the sirlion Big Mac, not a white-bleached infested bun!

Perhaps if these changes are made, the places would be afraid that they are going to lose customers. Somehow I doubt it because we are a fast-food nation. I view it is proliferating the customer base because it will add years to their lives.

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