Thursday, June 18, 2009

A feeling of relief - now that summer is here

One big sign that summer is here, at least when looking at my children's schedules, is all the year-end programs that parents have to attend to show the work that our children accomplished. A couple of weeks ago, my oldest had her dance recital, under the theme of "Beauty and the Beast." There is nothing cuter than seeing young girls dressed in tutus. The performance, of the recital as a whole, was entertaining since there was various other dramas going on stage, and not just the dancing. One point during one of the routines with another group other than my daughters, had a child pushing and shoving other children. Ironically, it was during a routine called etiqutte and poise. Other than that, my daughter's performance was wonderful! She has such an interest and love for dancing, that we will be continuing it for her in the fall.

Besides all of the recitals, and year-end programs, it is a relief to parents to see it at an end. Even with my own projects, I just finished my final for the Parlegal I course. That is a relief in itself.

But as far as embarking on other things once the Sept-June projects are done, summer has its own set projects. There are the vacations, the swim lessons, soccer lessons and going to the pool more often. Actually, with all of these activities on the schedule (on top of my training for a marathon) these are more relaxing. I know the kids deserved that break from the norm. Once fall comes again, there will be a new exciting feeling, especially with my oldest starting kindergarten! The smell of new books and pencils will spark a new interest in learning. We will have to wait till August for that!

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Good post!

I know of one other little girl who was thrilled to buy new school supplies!