Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking forward on this dreary day.

Today was a big day, at least for my daughter. We went to an orientation at what will be her Kindergarten. Her father and I were not really sure of what to expect at the school, considering that we live in a highly diverse area of town. After meeting the principal and some of the Kindergarten teachers, we were very impressed with the school, and its up and coming reputation in Fairfax County. It was rated a Blue Ribbon School in Virginia last year, which eased our thoughts on the level of education she was going to receive. During our time talking with the principal and teachers, both of our daughters took advantage of the care that was provided. MB went into an actual Kindergarten classroom and E went into a Head Start room. Booth of them really enjoyed their time there, which makes both hubby and I very happy about our decision to stay in the area, at least for now.

Another big item, at least for me today, was that I finally got results from my first test and writing assignment from my distance learning paralegal course. I got a 90 on the writing assignment and an 82 on the test. Not my best, but considering I have not taken an academic class in over 11 years, might be okay. I have a B, which is not terrible. But with this being a distance learning class taking at my leisure makes me feel like I should have done better. If anything, I am more driven to study and get a definitive A on both my next assignment and test.

On top of this paralegal class, I am considering taking another class, but not right now. I am thinking about taking a couple of classes in international trade, both in International Traffic in Arms Regulations and Export Administrative Regulations. Since I have my customs broker license, and I have been out of the loop on the export side of trade for a while, I was thinking this help me get some insight into that side of trade. Trade is one of those areas that is constantly changing, and every bit of training in that area will help.

I think all of this looking forward, at least for the next few months, is making me feel very optimistic about what will be coming.

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