Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back at 2008 - did I really accomplish all of my goals for 2008?

Ok. This time last year, I was at this computer thinking about what I wanted to accomplish for 2008. Did I really do it? Lets looks at my 2008 goals.

Look at labels when I eat. Well. I really semi did that. I was gung-ho the first couple of months, but come March and its effects and affects, I did not totally do that every day. I was more aware of the saturated fat, but not with everything. I did gain 10 lbs during the year, and lost 11 before the holidays by way of Weight Watchers. I blame that weight gain on going back on the pill. Of course, I did gain about 4 lbs back from the holidays. I am so ready to get back on Weight Watchers. It may be a slower method of losing weight, but it is a realistic way to watch your weight. The WW way leans more towards low fat eating anyway, so I know the look out for Saturated fat is there. Of course the golden rule is eat less, exercise more. Once I get back on the program, I will lose that weight this year for sure because we have a cruise coming up in August. Those 25 lbs will be gone!!

Run at least 2 5Ks.
Okay. I never did run at least 2. I did walk 2 5ks The Race for the Cure in June and the Drumstick Dash in November. There was a heart walk, but I can't take credit on that because my 4 year-old was cutting up too much to participate. So, that one is marked off. Though I did not run any of them, the desire to do so has not gone away. I have my eye on an 8k in March and a 10k in June. And, if I feel up to it, do a 10 miler in the Fall. I will really have to train. Now that my husband bought me a membership to a gym for my anniversary, I will take advantage of the gym every chance I get and get in the best shape. I can already do 2.25 miles no problem on the treadmill at 5.9 mph. Looking forward to actually doing these accomplishments!

Be more Green. Okay. I definately did that better. I am better at taking my bags to the store. I am always thinking of ways to 2nd use things and have decided to start buying 2nd hand clothes on occasion. I have made some headway there!

Be more patient. This is the hardest one of them all. I do see myself taking more breaths and waiting before reacting to either of my daughters problems or screaming. It is a challenge, an will continually be a challenge for me.

Be more in touch with others. Thanks to the invention of Facebook, I have been able to get in touch with folks I have not seen in years! I did have a personal tragedy with a loss of a friend this year. Getting in touch with others have been a way for me to cope with the loss and a way for me to keep tabs on what folks are doing. Now, I am not puntual on returning messages, that is something I will still have to work on. But, Facebook is fantastic!

I will have to come up with my resolutions for tomorrow. Will keep everyone posted.

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