Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back at 2008 - did I really accomplish all of my goals for 2008?

Ok. This time last year, I was at this computer thinking about what I wanted to accomplish for 2008. Did I really do it? Lets looks at my 2008 goals.

Look at labels when I eat. Well. I really semi did that. I was gung-ho the first couple of months, but come March and its effects and affects, I did not totally do that every day. I was more aware of the saturated fat, but not with everything. I did gain 10 lbs during the year, and lost 11 before the holidays by way of Weight Watchers. I blame that weight gain on going back on the pill. Of course, I did gain about 4 lbs back from the holidays. I am so ready to get back on Weight Watchers. It may be a slower method of losing weight, but it is a realistic way to watch your weight. The WW way leans more towards low fat eating anyway, so I know the look out for Saturated fat is there. Of course the golden rule is eat less, exercise more. Once I get back on the program, I will lose that weight this year for sure because we have a cruise coming up in August. Those 25 lbs will be gone!!

Run at least 2 5Ks.
Okay. I never did run at least 2. I did walk 2 5ks The Race for the Cure in June and the Drumstick Dash in November. There was a heart walk, but I can't take credit on that because my 4 year-old was cutting up too much to participate. So, that one is marked off. Though I did not run any of them, the desire to do so has not gone away. I have my eye on an 8k in March and a 10k in June. And, if I feel up to it, do a 10 miler in the Fall. I will really have to train. Now that my husband bought me a membership to a gym for my anniversary, I will take advantage of the gym every chance I get and get in the best shape. I can already do 2.25 miles no problem on the treadmill at 5.9 mph. Looking forward to actually doing these accomplishments!

Be more Green. Okay. I definately did that better. I am better at taking my bags to the store. I am always thinking of ways to 2nd use things and have decided to start buying 2nd hand clothes on occasion. I have made some headway there!

Be more patient. This is the hardest one of them all. I do see myself taking more breaths and waiting before reacting to either of my daughters problems or screaming. It is a challenge, an will continually be a challenge for me.

Be more in touch with others. Thanks to the invention of Facebook, I have been able to get in touch with folks I have not seen in years! I did have a personal tragedy with a loss of a friend this year. Getting in touch with others have been a way for me to cope with the loss and a way for me to keep tabs on what folks are doing. Now, I am not puntual on returning messages, that is something I will still have to work on. But, Facebook is fantastic!

I will have to come up with my resolutions for tomorrow. Will keep everyone posted.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the season of giving

Sometimes I think things can be very commercial. I know that is the complaint by most during this time of year where getting rather than giving is what seems to be the most important priority for our children. I do want my children to learn the value of charity and understand that there are those less fortunate than ourselves.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to actually take inventory of the things we have as far as what my children have in the way of clothes, toys, games, etc. And after counting all of the dolls and little stuffed animals and the like, they have more than what I remembered having at their age. In fact, I think they have too much. So, we are in the process of weeding out all of their goods and making room for Santa gifts.

Once we have our goods together for giving, I have taken both of them with me to a local 2nd store, Joseph's Coat, to donate them there, and also to give us the opportunity to see what the store has for sale. They actually love going into the store and seeing all of the different kinds of past treasures. They don't know that it is all second hand, so they think it is just a great place to see all kinds of toys, clothes, bikes, and even a "funny mirror" that is there for shoppers to try on clothes. It's like an adventure for them. I have also managed to by them so much buy them some much needed sweaters for the winter. Where else can you go and buy a Talbots or a Gap sweater for $4.00 total!

I think with these times, there is no shame in purchasing items from thrift shops as gifts. In our reduce-reuse-recycle culture, it is in a way beneficial for our "green" friends and relatives to see that we are buying something second hand and also contributing to a non-profit in need of funds. So, before you head out to Macy's and other places like Needless-Markup, trying looking at thrift stores too. I don't think your young children would know the difference in that $100 bike versus the $15 one that needs a little TLC to make it special, or that top of the line new Fisher Price gizmo versus the one that is 3 years older one that just needs some batteries. Saves you money but also gives you a chance to customize the gift to give it straight from the heart.