Thursday, November 6, 2008

The hangover after the election - now let's get down to business (or no business)

2 days after the election of our first African American president, a very historic event indeed, people are recovering from political add overload and going back to life as normal. Transitions are taking place and people are welcoming the idea of an African American coming to the White House. Hopefully the process will be smooth, and Republicans will resort back to dissentors in the law making process.

I know my children in years to come will look at this election and see its significance, but in the next 4 to possibly 8 years, I have no idea what a legacy Obama will hold. He was selected by the Democrats as the first Socialist leaning contender on the Democratic ticket. I don't know if he will ever go into the middle when it comes to policy making as president. Under a socialist system, business is going to not find alot of support - an idea that some people don't seem to understand. Non-profits will suffer because of the growing size of central government. More taxes, more harsh effects on this sick economy. I really don't know even if Obama will make it for another 4 after the first.

We will all have to see. I don't want the African American community to be disappointed because of the lack of effective performance, but only time will tell. Either way, Obama does need prayers and it is best that all of us pray for our new president elect.

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