Sunday, October 19, 2008

Living in a toss up state has its price

In this year's presidental campaign, Virginia happens to be one of those states, that with it's poll numbers is too close to call. Approaching closer to Nov 4, we have been bombarded with campaign adds, from both McCain and Obama. It is almost to the point of illness, and to the point where "I don't care, just get Nov 4th over with!"

I know the demographics of this state is different from one end to the other. In Northern Virginia, where I live, there is more of an Obama leaning. Down south, near where my parents live, there might be more of a McCain leaning. Either way, we are all screwed because we are listening to and watching all the negative attack adds, several within an hour's time. How much more do we have to take? Well, Nov 4 cannot come soon enough. I am ready for it be here today!!

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