Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Presidental race, making history at every turn

The day after Barack Obama gave his historical speech to the Democratic Convention in Denver, John McCain made a historical announcement, nominating the first woman to be the VP candidate for the Republican party. Sarah Palin, an outsider to the DC Beltway, is new to me, but what I have heard about her so far, has an interesting story to tell about her political activeness and down-home roots in Alaska. I know McCain's strategy was to get someone out of the beltway, to balance out his 25 plus years in DC, someone who is more in tune to local issues. And picking a mother of 5, which one child is a 6 month child with down syndrome, brings up a lot of issues with mom--can she really do it? Can she balance it?
Well, first and for most, the VP spot has always been a joke position, someone who is there but not always doing something. Not knowing what a VP does on a day to day basis, I really can't answer to say what they do on their jobs, other than that his/her responsibility is to preside over the Senate and be number 2 in line. Could she balance that? If she had a lot of support, I am sure she could. After all, if the Republican ticket wins in November, all eyes will be on her on how she does her job, men and women to see how it is all done. Maybe women will finally get paid what they are worth, and start running for political offices in record numbers.
Of course, this whole Presidential race will be making history regardless of the ticket. Women and African-Americans alike will have someone to look up to in order to motivate them to say, "Hey, it can be done!!"

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