Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympics inspire a new generation, and rejuvenates the old

Watching the Olympics this past week has definately given me a new appreciation of hard work. Looking at the accomplishments of the USA team with the mens and women's gymnastics, not to mention the Amazing Michael Phelps, and all of the other sprinters on the running track, you begin to ponder on the possibilities of the human body. My daughters have been inspired by it. They were glued to the TV when the gymanists were doing their floor work. During some of the swimming events, I heard my 18 month old say "WOW!" When my husband and I asked our oldest if she wants to go to the Olympics she said "yes" but has not confirmed with us which sport.

Being a mom, I am particularly inspired by the "past prime" ladies winning medals. Dara Torres won a couple of silver medals at the age of 41. And with a 26.2 mile run, the oldest marathon winner was Romanian Constantina Tomescu at 38 bringing her country home a gold. Both are moms and definately deserve all the praise of keeping up their goals with their busy lives.

Of course, I know that I will never qualify for Olympic games. All I want to do is just to say that my feats have been accomplished. I am training for a 10K to be held the fall, and it is a long process to get my 36 year old body to be where it needs to be. Through the experience, I want to show my daughters that they can do what ever they want if they keep up the hard work. During our vacation last week, my oldest saw an advertisement for a Susan G Komen 5K run to be held. She said "Look mommy they all have your shirt!!" I told her that I did that run already in DC, and then she said "Mommy when I get older, I want to run that race too." At least a seed has been planted :)

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Judy said...

You stay very busy keeping up with your girls, your job, and your husband. And have time to train for a 10K!

You are definitely and inspiration to me. I just hope I can keep up with our challenge at work to lose 25 by the 25th..that is 25 lbs by December 25. It is a regimen of diet, exercise and lots of encouragement.

Keep up the good work, I'm pulling for you!