Monday, June 23, 2008

The Anti-McCain Ad..telling those to think like they think

Okay, I am sure you have seen the new controversial ad by and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. It started last week and has alot of airplay on all the major networks. Basically it is a mother with her 7 month old baby pleading John McCain not to send her child to Iraq, commenting on his past statement that our country could be in Iraq for 100 years. After watching the ad, I am sure that there are a few women reacting (not thinking mind you) to actual thought of sending babies to Iraq. This ad begs alot of questions to me and I would like to share them.
1) - Since when has our government sent 7 month olds into the military? I believe the youngest age is 18 now a days.
2) - Even when this kid turns 18, wouldn't John McCain be out of office? The max a president could serve consecutively is 8 years. Wouldn't there be another president making other decisions of war at that point?
3) - Last time I checked, our government has 737 bases across the globe(google it - you will find it somewhere). Is Iraq the only place where the military is deploying now a days? How about Japan, Germany or Spain? I am sure when this kid turns 18, there would be another "hot spot" in the world, and Osama bin Laden would have been in the past. Wouldn't Iraq just be another place for a military base at that point?
4) - When this kid turns 18, is it the kid or the mom who decides on whether to serve in the military? If my daughters are called to serve our country, I am not going to stop them. It is a respectable duty. Besides, isn't it the business of the military to fight wars? That is what they do! Even though you don't like the thought of having your own children die before you, dying for your country is something else. If Princess Di - someone vocal on peace issues - were alive today, wouldn't you think she would be proud of her sons for serving their country?

I hope that when you pull the lever in November, regardless of who you are voting for, that you do not think off of the cuff, and resort to voting on reaction. I wish that all American voters actually think about all the issues at stake, not just Iraq, when making a decision. This ad definately serves it purpose in educating the uneducated public, thinking that this election year is only centered on one issue. I think we as a thinking public think of ourselves more than that!

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