Saturday, February 9, 2008

Discernment - something everyone must do at some time

Today at my church, I participated in a retreat at my church. It was about 3/4 day's worth of work and spiritual exercises, but it was insightful to say the least. I participated with a group I am involved with at church, our Outreach Committee, and it was a way for each one of us to focus on the reasons of our ministries. Our leader made us focus on three main factors, 1) God - what is God telling us 2) Family 3) Community.
One of the first things our leader said was that we don't Day-Timer God into our lives. Which, I must admit, I am guilty of. I get up at 5:30 and go to bed at 10, not taking the time to pray or meditate. I know now that I must make it a priority, even though I have a hectic day.
One of the exercises that we partook in was our leader had different photos on a table in one of the Sunday School rooms. Each picture was a variety of items like a picture of a hurricane, pictures of people holding hands, pictures of nature, etc. We were to pick a picture that God was drawing us towards. Of the 50 pictures, I chose one that had a girl ( about 6 to 8 in age) with a pink dress and with a hand crafted heart - something like for Valentine's day. We were to take a few moments and reflect on the picture and why we think we chose the picture. Everyone had different pictures with different perspectives. With my picture, I felt it was something I was personally going through, as a mom and as a mission in my life.
I felt like I was drawn to the picture because God wants me to focus on my daughters, my family. They motivate me right now in the spritual decisions. I felt the hand-crafted heart represented 1) the love I have for them and vice-versa 2) How we treasure their hand-crafted pictures/arts as a heart-felt expression from them. 3) of the personal heart-health issues I have had to face personally and how they are a blessing from it. In conclusion, I felt like it was her father and me to lead them in the right direction, towards God's way, and teach them to express themselves.
I think I need to do more reflections like this...I know it is a daily challenge to re-center my life as much as possible.

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NoVA Dad said...

This sounds like a really worthwhile retreat, and you certainly got a lot out of it. Did you find any similarities between these meditations and the old exercises we used to do in EFM?