Sunday, January 20, 2008

A move for the office, and lots of change to come

This past Friday, our office moved locations from a darker, dingy and older building to a new, improved and brighter suite. It was a requirement that everyone participate in this move, to their capacity, and have their computers set up at the close of business. Luckily, there is only a mile's distance between the 2 offices, and everyone was eager and willing to do the move. We all packed up our personal items, computers and such, and put them in our cars and transported it to the eighth floor of our new office. Everyone was excited about the "newness" of everything from new desks to new walls, new conference areas and new window views. Everyone, including myself, are excited about have the opportunity to use the fitness center during our lunch breaks.

In the midst of the newness, there is that feeling of sadness of leaving what was left behind. After grabbing our items and leaving the furniture for the movers, there was an emptiness, thinking that we are going through the change. Granted I have only worked at that office for 6 months, there had already been so many memories. I starting growing in a new career direction in those walls. It all represented a memory of a new start for me. Knowing things will always be changing and things will always get better added excitement to this process.

Tomorrow, people in our new office and begin adjusting to the new surroundings. Let's see how at home we can all be!

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