Saturday, October 27, 2007

Motivate Me, PLEASE!!

I know I have set myself for something, which I know I can do, but at this point I don't know IF I can do it well. A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to participate in a 5K, the MADD Red Ribbon Run in Fairfax, VA on December 31. I wanted to set a goal for myself, that I would get my post-baby body into shape and try to beat my last time of 31:23. So far, the training for this event is lagging. When planning my home training for this, I wanted to make a goal to run/walk 3 times a week and weight train with "The Firm" system at least twice a week. So far this week I was only able to walk 2 miles and run 1mile. I did not do my Firm DVD at all this week. Now, I have no motivation.

It has been a dreary week this week, all this rain in the Northern Virginia area. So my wanting to go outside for a neighborhood run is off. My treadmill is in fair to poor condition. My tread belt still has its problems. As long as I don't go 7.0 mph on it, it would be okay but that is not ideal for training, especially since it is recommended to an occasional sprint in your runs. Popping in a DVD has not come about this week, somehow trying to do lundges and squats has not appealed to me. The only time of day I have allowed myself to train is in the AM hours. This means setting an alarm for 4:40 am and hopping to it. So far, I have only wanted to get out of bed at 5:30 am, eliminating 50 minutes of workout time. I guess I could schedule this during my lunch breaks or in the evening, but I have not allowed that because I view my lunch time as sacred in time to come home and tidy up the place. Evenings are out because I want to squeeze every minute out with my family, plus I am too exhausted to try to do the treadmill at 9 pm.

Basically, I feel like I need to go the long haul with someone on this. I need someone to help me get out of bed and do those morning jogs on the treadmill and do those tough weight workouts. Since I don't belong to a gym, I don't have network of support. My husband has bad knees, so running is not an option for him, plus we don't have enough room for 2 treadmills in our house to workout side by side. Other than looking for Divine Intervention, motivation is not there. I guess I need to work this out on my own and find my motivation. Any takers?