Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas time again, lets keep it CHRISTmas

I knew it was Christmas time a couple of weeks ago when my daughter pulled out the ToysRUs Sunday insert and was pointing at all the things she wanted. It seems like it changes everyday what she wants "I want Barbie...I want a Belle doll....I want a Aquadoodle pad...I want that game" it seems like a never ending of "I want." I know somewhere in our society, the meaning of the season has been lost. It is now a list of "I wants" and not always "you need." If there is one thing I want my girls to learn from their parents is that giving is better than receiving.

Charaties this time of year are always working on making people's Christmases blessed events. At our church, there is the Christ Child Project, given less fortunate ones the opportuntity to shop for high-end toys and clothes at an 80% discount with donated items. The Heifer Project comes out every year with celebrity endorsements, asking for donations to help Third World communities with basic agricultural supplies like oxen and sheep. Another contribution our family does is sponsor a girl from a girls shelter in Honduras called "Our Little Roses." Every year I have my daughter pick out Christmas and Birthday gifts for our girl. We want our daughters to have a connection with our sponsored child, and have the opportunity one day to meet her.

I think giving not getting is the key to Christmas. I have here a favorite contempory Christmas song by Dave Matthews Band "The Christmas Song." I think this simple song says it all.

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NoVA Dad said...

Nice post, and a nice plug for some important programs. This reminds me of my post from last year, that compared the true meaning of Christmas (Linus' monologue from "Charle Brown Christmas") with that house decorated to flash in time with the music. Things have definitely changed - not like when I was a kid. Guess we need to work hard to start our own traditions to keep this going for our kids.