Friday, July 13, 2007

Looking at Life from a Different Perspective

310 Cone Drive. That as my address when I lived in Selma. Recently, I took a peek at my former home through the birds eye, or should I say satillites' view of that address thanks to Google. Some of the streets and homes looked the same. Though I was not there to see it from the ground, I could tell things have not changed much. Edmund Pettis Bridge, the infamous bridge that brigaded the Civil Rights movement was still standing strong. The view of my old school, JT Morgan Academy still looked the same with the mowed lawns of the football field were I had witness many a football game on cool Fall Friday nights. Yes. Looking back I can see now how much I have moved forward. 310 Cone Drive housed my childhood, my world for nearly 20 years. In the past 15 years, I have changed. I had 5 different addresses in the past 15 years. Alot of moving and changing to find my place in this world.

Looking down on 310 Cone Drive, I had 20 years of living life within those walls. I remember laying down on that front lawn and would spend hours looking up at the sky, looking at the clouds and dreaming dreams of what I wanted my life to be. I dreamed of being married, having children, being someone with influence and affluence. I was naive, thinking idealistically.

Now, I have a different address, dreaming dreams again. I am married with children, but I have not yet made in the world that I wanted to accomplish starring up into those clouds on 310. Though some would say that my dreams have come true, I say that I am almost there!


NoVA Dad said...

I don't think there's anything naive or idealistic about wanting to have a family and make your place in the world. I like the fact that you ended on a positive note and that you're almost there. One step at a time:-) Glad that the girls and I have helped reach part of your dreams!!

karen said...

I did the Google trip down memory lane the other night. . .when you get to be my age it takes a little longer! LOL
You're not naive. You're not done!